As unique as you are, we custom tailor our vacations to fit your travel style. 



You will never need a vacation from your vacation after one of these trips. We'll show you an experience in paradise that your mind and body will thank you for. 

Rejuvenation Retreats offer maximum free time to enjoy as you like mixed in with organized activities aimed at highlighting the best features of the area. If your ideal vacation includes time in the hammock, walks on the beach, connecting with nature and finding your bliss then this is the trip for you.  

Paddle distances are short yet amazing. Envision a brief paddle from the beach out into the calm waters just before sunset and then laying back on your board and soaking up the beauty. Mornings are often started with yoga, SUP yoga or massage. Days full of snorkeling, beach time, hikes and light exploration are the norm. 

Paddle Conditions:

We aim to make all paddles on the Rejuvenation Retreats easy and calm. Mostly done in protected coves or during a time when the sea is calm and flat. The goal here is comfort and cruising at a slow pace where you can truly relax and soak up the beauty of the area.       

Average Paddle Distance: 1 to 2 miles


If your ideal paddle involves a coozie strapped to your board as you hop from beach bar to beach bar then we've got you covered. Paddle and Play trips are heavy on the play mixed with beautiful paddles and excursions along the way. 

Yes you will see some amazing sunsets floating on your board but you can bet some amazing beach parties will follow. This is stand up paddle vacationing with Jimmy Buffet on full blast and the fun only stops when you do. Ever paddled to a secluded island where your champagne or beer bucket is waiting for you on a cocktail table set knee deep in tropical water? You will. 

While the paddling is rather easy there are many opportunities to go further if you choose. Expect lots of shorter paddles to amazing destinations where you can choose to dine, play or paddle some more.  When we aren't paddling we will tap into a bit of adventure with activities such as catamaran cruises, canoe surfing and zip lining. 

Take a little bit of Key West. Mix it with a touch of Vegas. Add a dash of French Riviera. Finish it off with a slice of paddling heaven. This is a Paddle and Play stand up paddle vacation. 

Paddle Conditions:

Mainly flat water. Some open ocean with small chop. There are more challenging options available beyond the protected shorelines should you choose. 

Average Paddle Distance:  1 to 3 miles


Adventure seekers look no further. This is a full speed experience sure to keep your endorphins pumping and your body moving. 

If winding down at sunset after a full day of action is what takes you to your happy place then this is the trip for you. Margarita time happens early because so does the sunrise and we will be up and at em for every moment of fun we can squeeze out of the day. Whether its SUP surfing, paddling the coastline, cliff jumping, rock climbing or hikes deep into the jungle; you are sure to be high on action for the duration of the trip. And that's just the beginning. If there is something extra adventurous in the area we will be sure to jump right in!

A decent level of physical fitness is required for your maximum enjoyment. We may surf, paddle or hike for over 2 hours at a time and while the experiences are sure to amaze this is not for the faint of heart. It is our hope that you experience things that challenge you such that when you accomplish it your left feeling more alive than ever. Get ready to find your perfect state of FLOW! We'll take you there. 

Paddle Conditions:       

Mostly open ocean with small to medium swell. Some flat water paddling in protected coves or mangroves. Chance to surf is likely depending on location. Check individual trip details for specifics.                                

Average Paddle Distance: 3 to 5 miles