I have been an outdoor and sports enthusiast all my life. In 2012 I was fortunate enough to be able to combine my love for an active healthy life into a career that supports those values when I opened my company, Flow World Travel. I now get to share my love of SUP with people from all over the world. My drive to share stand up paddling with others lives on the faces of the first time paddler, the inner city kid experiencing the outdoors and the previously inactive person using paddling as a way to get healthy. It’s in growing the SUP community and helping others achieve their best that fuels me and I feel blessed to be able to do so every day.

Living in California provides access to some of the most beautiful places to paddle in the world including Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and many locations around Southern California. Stand Up Paddle racing is where you will find me most; taking my training to the water to compete in every event I can enter in the area. I’ve found that living a life inspired to be my best motivates others to be their best and that is never more evident than at a stand up paddle race.

I hope to meet you. I hope share a wave with you. I hope to see you on the beach at sunset.



My love for adventure and the water started right after high school. After teaching scuba diving in Monterey, CA and spending every dime traveling to Australia, Mexico and the Caribbean, I was drawn to St John to teach full time. In my 17 years on the island I taught scuba and led week long kayaking tours. Travel has always been a fundamental need for my soul and I have continued to chase that passion with recent trips to Costa Rica, Brazil and throughout the US.   

The stand up paddle community is the most amazing group of people I've ever met, which lead me to FLOW. In recent years I've spent some of the best days of my life with them on trips to St Martin and Panama. I live and breathe stand up paddling and I look forward to the sharing this passion with you guiding the upcoming adventure to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. See you on the beach!!!


JESSICA CICHRA Guide Sayulita, Thailand, Australia

With an interest in helping people achieve mental wellness and physical fitness, I combined my background in psychology, personal  training, yoga and fitness, to instruct and design wellness programs through my company Wave of Wellness.  My love for adventure and travel inspired me to take my instruction abroad, teaching SUP Yoga and Bala Tula (yoga fusion) clinics around the world at SUP and yoga retreats.  I also love SUP racing and both compete in and direct paddle races in my home state of Florida.  My involvement and lifestyle in the SUP and yoga communities has led to many great opportunities as an ambassador and athlete for various companies, and also introduced me to FLOW.  I'm excited to instruct and guide future trips with a company that is aligned with my mission to empower people through adventurous activities that enhance all areas of well-being with a focus on travel, SUP, yoga, and community.

Guide Spain, Australia


An absolute people person, Mary has taught yoga for adults, family, adaptive, teens and tots for over 6 years. She is a certified 1000+HR RYT Yoga & Meditation teacher as well as a WPA/Paddle Into Fitness certified SUP and SUP Yoga instructor.  

Mary teaches a dynamic, sustainable, compassionate, alignment-based practice that weaves and blends together the traditions of Ashtanga and Lyengar. Many describe her energy as contagious, finding her nurturing, and patient style of teaching to be welcoming and supportive. For Mary, being a student of the practice of yoga is as important as being a teacher. She hopes to help others delve into what it means to live well physically, mentally and spiritually, by exploring and developing their own yoga and meditation practice.

When she is not teaching in her home state of Colorado, you will find Mary hunting adventures and leading workshops around the world. Her second home is Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where she hosts and leads and annual SUP Yoga & Surf retreat. In the next year Mary's agenda includes trips to Australia, New Zeland and Bali and will also be joining Flow World Travel on the vacations to Spain and St Martin. If you can catch're sure to absorb a slice of passion and energy that will stay with you forever!