Why travel to beautiful places only to experience the same boring tourist track that everyone else does. You've been there. So excited to reach your destination and then you spend countless energy asking what to do and where to go. Not when you travel with FLOW. Just pack your bags and let the fun begin. We know the bartender at the beach, the owner of the hotel and the local SUP pro with all the hidden paddle knowledge. We open doors you won't find on your own and let you maximize your time simply enjoying the magic.  


Our focus is creating hassle free vacations where all you have to do is sign up and leave the planning to us. Finding the right flight, with the shortest duration at the best price can take hours. We have you covered. Spend those hours drooling over pictures of the area and let the excitement build! The cost of your flight is not built into the trip cost so that you can use your own miles should you have them. However, if you are purchasing a flight we are happy to handle it all for you! Worry free and easy! That's what we are all about!




So much of the magic that happens on our trips is what occurs organically. You are traveling with like minded people who enjoy what you do. When those minds come together on a magical vacation an amazing energy is manifested. Random unplanned activities occur. Memories that only those who were there can take with them. In this lies the magic.

The size of our groups also give us access to fun not available on your own such as private chartered boats, private VIP cabanas, private catered dinners and so much more. We have buying power and take full advantage of that to give you an experience unlike any vacation you have taken before. 


This is your special time to celebrate life and soak up the fruits of your labor. We plan and organize the daily awesomeness for you but that doesn't mean you need to do it all. Your bliss is found in what makes you feel amazing and some days that might mean relaxing in a hammock with a book on your own. Sounds great to us! We'll see you at dinner or maybe the next day. We'll take you to paradise. What you do with it is all yours.